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Dilay Şengül, “Mother, Daughter, Sacred Vagina” Al photo  29,7×42 cm, 2023

In this work, which the artist designed as a protest against the association of the phenomenon of religion from the past to the present with a male-dominated society; she integrated the "mother, daughter and sacred vagina" works she designed with the support of AI into the 3 points of the cross symbolization obtained from braided hair. The braided hair that connects these three points; beyond the imagery of the cross, each strand represents the numerical data of the "clergy" that has been accepted until this time. Dilayben defines art as an expression and continues to work on "Queer Activism" and "Women Movement" in Turkey.


Dilay Şengül, "Red" photo, 2022

The artist has chosen individuals who do not compromise their originality and lives by going beyond the values attributed to gender norms as models and asked them to come to the shoot with the clothes they wear in their daily lives. the artist has aimed to represent "blood" by displaying a symbolic expression of the red dress rather than a garment worn by individuals. the "blood" in question may include the wound of a young person with the depression caused by the economic crisis. the presence of a stone in the civil service of a hiv positive man...the crumbs of a homosexual nonbinary individual's struggle for life in his country...the screams of a woman trying to live her beliefs freely. anyone who confronts the presence of the wound will see much more than a red dress in these frames...if he wants to see himself, he will have to get rid of that black mask.

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