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She was born on April 12, 2002 in Sakarya. At the age of 8, she started his theater education with the guidance of his family. She studied Communication and Journalism at SATSO High School during her high school period. She is currently continuing her education life in the Department of Radio-Television and Cinema at Istanbul University. In 2018, she started to take the stage professionally with the DramaArt theater group. In 2020, she established a community of filmmakers called Sinemesele. She started freelance to work with Azot Company in 2022. She currently has many projects that she has written, directed, acted, voiced, shot or been in the editing department. She has worked as an assistant director for directors such as Can Evrenol, Emir Ziyalar, Erim Şişman, Yavuz Selim Yavuzer, Emre Sezgin in projects such as feature films, commercials, music videos and series. In 2020, she started working as an assistant director in the cinema industry to continue his attempts to be the arm and leg of the industry.

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